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Bulletin Announcements

  • 4Cs Cares – If your family or immediate community has a need that we can assist with, please let us attempt to do just that! If you would like to volunteer to help let us know. Click here to fill out your information.


  • VITALANT BLOOD DRIVE: Our local hospitals need your help more than ever! The blood supply is running out. All slots for for
    Sunday, April 5th, have been filled.  Please watch for another blood drive later this month. Thank you!



  • Please check out this weekend video lesson from Orange curriculum by going to the Children’s Home Page.
  • In addition, please remember that Right Now Media is available to you for free and has great videos for Children/Family to watch.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday recordings are posted on our site
  • Check-out our Instagram feed for daily updates
  • Look out for links to personal study resources and ways to connect with people in our community
  • Reminder to sign up for the Vitalant Blood Drive
  • Stuck at Home, Part 3:  Prayer.  See the new blog post and video on our Family Ministry page.
  • New $25 GIFT CARD contest!  Post a video  of a talent or skill you or someone in your family has!