“We worship to remind each other who we are and to whom we belong. We worship to remind ourselves it is not all about us – it is about God. It is about God’s kingdom of justice, peace, and righteousness. Because in [God’s] presence, all that is temporary melts away. We need God. We need our sisters and our brothers. In worship we see a little more of the glory God has for us. We see a little more of ourselves in Christ. We see God.”

– John E. Phelan, Jr., President and Dean of North Park Theological Seminary

For Lent, a Prayer Journal and Fasting – As a special time of prayer and preparation for Easter, we have compiled a prayer journal to use during personal times of devotion during the 40 days of Lent.  In it are opportunities to pray each day for our church family, our ministries, missionaries, and ministry leaders.  And, we encourage the spiritual discipline of fasting a meal (or 2 or 3) on Wednesdays during this time, a common practice during Lent, along with your prayers.  Please participate with us by picking up a prayer journal in either foyer of our church.


Worship and Arts at Christ Community Covenant Church seeks to glorify God through excellence so that Christ is our main focus, allowing us to encounter Him in a variety of expressions of worship: through music, prayers and readings, special events, dance, decor, spoken word and more. We enjoy an inter-generational approach to worship incorporating both hymns and contemporary music with a variety of music styles.