Here in our student ministry we are fully dedicated to reaching and teaching Junior High and High School students for Christ. We do loud, we do messy, we do wild – we do whatever it takes because we love teenagers!! Our leadership team challenges students to live out their faith and deepen their love for Jesus Christ through relational ministry, a culture of small groups, a core commitment to studying and following Scripture, fun activities, retreat experiences, and life-changing mission trips. All of our programs are currently held at our Christ Community Covenant Church campus and we hope all students, regular attenders or visitors, will feel welcomed and find their home here. On full time staff serving your students are Claire Teague (Youth Director) and Brian Kainz (Youth Ministry Associate Pastor). We’re here for you to answer any questions and it is our joy and privilege to serve your students!

Questions about the student ministry at 4Cs? Wanna know how to get involved? Email Youth Director, Claire Teague (claire.teague@4cs.church)

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Fusion is the core of our junior high ministry. Each night is packed with crazy games, interactive surprises, a Bible based talk and small-group time.

Junior high students are mentored by our young adult leaders (highly gifted high school students, college students, and recent graduates who’ve committed to serve as leaders in our ministry) and adult volunteers.

Check us out, Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:00pm during the school months in our youth space, just to the left of the lobby!! 


High Point is for high school!  Join high school students from a dozen different schools every week for fellowship and discipleship.

High Point is a time to laugh through crazy games, spend some time in worship, get led in biblical teaching and find real fellowship and community in our small groups.

Our small groups are same-gender and often same-grade groups, each led by our rockstar adult volunteers. Here students are able to get deep with Christ and with each other. High Point is the real deal – come and see what Jesus is all about.

Check us out, Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm during the school months in the youth space, just to the left of the lobby!!


Sunday Morning Breakout is currently on hold as we figure out Church in this new COVID universe. 
Join us for Church services at 9 or 10:30!

Dear 4Cs Youth, leaders, parents and students–

We had plans for this spring and summer, that were thrown off and changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to enter into discussions about race, racism, social division and what Biblical racial righteousness looks like. We planned to use the spring to educate ourselves, listen, pray, and prepare our hearts for a trip to Memphis, where we would visit the Civil Rights Museum, serve in one of the most racially and ethnically diverse cities in America, and meet with leaders who are fighting for change and healing in their city. We wanted our students to see that one of the largest driving forces behind the power and change of the Civil Rights Movement was young people in the church, and we wanted them to recognize that they too could come together as one body, fight for something on God’s heart, and see the whole world transformed. That trip was canceled for safety reasons–and yet, the conversation about racial righteousness has met us here in Arvada. I think God is up to something.

I know for many people, the idea of discussing the topic of racism and inequality in the United States can be intimidating and leave us feeling anxious or apprehensive. I know there are lots of opinions everywhere on this issue, and there is a ton of pressure to see this issue exclusively as a political one. I (Claire) hardly pretend to have all the answers or to get it right all the time, especially when it comes to this issue. In the past, I have been silent and sometimes I’ve been afraid to say anything at all because I don’t have all the answers and because things can get heated or confrontational so quickly. I think the devil loves that fear of mine. I think when we as a church or as leaders in our homes fail to speak up about these issues, we give the Enemy great pleasure. I think our silence allows his sure footing–and I don’t want to be a part of that.

And so, after a great deal of prayer, research and conversations, I am challenging us to not let fear rule us and keep us quiet about an issue that is so close to God’s heart. I am challenging myself and all of us to risk feeling uncomfortable for the sake of our brothers and sisters. Let’s start with focusing on the things we can wholeheartedly agree with–

-All human beings are made in the image of God Himself (Gen. 1:27)
-Jesus came to Earth to offer us abundant life (John 10:10)
-God loves us all so much, and His love calls us and equips us to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly (Micah 6:8)
-God calls us to pursue unity in Christ (Gal. 3:28), with Jesus as our reconciler-in-Chief (Col. 1:19-23)

With these thoughts in mind, we need to remember that Jesus is WITH US and FOR US in these conversations. So let’s see this as an opportunity to join Jesus in the work He is doing, to be His hands and feet. Let’s see this as an opportunity to make His Kingdom known. Let’s see this as an opportunity to be obedient to Jesus’ Greatest Commandment for us. Let us all re-establish ourselves as people who believe in the power of prayer, the power of love, the power of diversity, unity, grace, and mercy. I know you, friends, and I have seen your heart for your Lord, your families, your community, and your country. I know that with our eyes fixed on Jesus and His word, that we can do this together. It’s not too late, and we can start small–start by praying, start by listening, start by having conversations at the dinner table. I’ve included some resources here below that are from Christian men and women in the Covenant church, other pastors, Christian organizations, and resources from other Christian activists.

Questions/comments/concerns? Please reach out to me, Claire Teague.

In Christ,

Claire Teague


This video above is shared from Pastor Albert Tate’s Instagram Live.  Please skip ahead to 9:05 for the beginning of his main message.

Saying “goodbye” to our seniors every year is one of the most bittersweet pieces of working in youth ministry! We hate to see them go, but we’re so excited about what is next for them!

We want our seniors (many of whom are now college freshmen!) to know that we’re are always there for them, that they will always have a home at 4Cs and that we’re still in their corner. With that commitment in mind, we’ve added a little list of resources here for them based on the new life stage they’re heading into and on some of their questions for us! Topics include, how to register to vote, how to find a solid church, and how to be in God’s Word on your own. Parents, don’t worry–we’ve got some resources for you too!

Praying for you, cheering for you, and here for you always!

Your youth pastors, Claire & Brian