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Living Supplies


Current Needs

Responding to Marshall Fire in Louisville and Superior


Multiple Needs

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On December 30th,
The Marshall Fire Swept through Louisville and Superior

Homes Destroyed


Cost of Damage

$513 mil

Acres Burned



Ascent Community Church

A sister ECC congregation, effected directly by the fires. Their needs are constantly changing, so follow the link below to keep up with the ongoing needs of their community.

The Following Link will take to you Ascent’s Resource Page:


Fundraisers for Marshall Fire Relief

Below are links to organizations we trust and want to support their work.

The Wildfire Fund will work with our government and nonprofit partners to disperse the funds to support those impacted. An advisory committee is being created to help guide future grantmaking and will provide guidance on the use of funds and grant recommendations to our board.

Living Supplies


Mennonite Disaster Services


Mennonite Disaster Service recruits, organizes and empowers volunteers to repair and rebuild the homes of those impacted by disasters in the United States and Canada. As we respond with Christian love to serve people who would not otherwise have the means to recover, our goal is to restore hope and bring people home.

4Cs will be collecting supplies to donate to MDS. Please only donate what is on the following list.  Needs List link


Airbnb Open Homes

Through Airbnb.org, Hosts like you give people a temporary place to stay during emergencies, like a natural disaster, refugee crisis, or global pandemic.

Many within our community know others who have been impacted by this devastating fire. Please let us know how 4Cs Cares Team can help


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While we may not be able to meet every need, what do you believe they need help with?

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