What is Community Life at 4C’s?

Learning to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength is a life-long process. We never “graduate” from the school of Christian living. As we learn to apply and obey Christ’s teachings, our lifestyle will increasingly reflect our commitment to Christ. In other words, the result of this life-long process is real, radical change, as expressed in both our individual and our community life.
To support holistic and integrated formation within individuals and within the church, we believe that there are four essential elements that foster the transforming work of the Spirit. Practices within each of these 4 areas should be engaged by our community
  • God’s Word – Shaping our Actions and our lives

  • Relationships – Community nurturing and encouraging our growth

  • Obedient Living – Abiding in Christ as we hear his call to witness for his name

  • Worship – Interacting with and experiencing the presence of God

Our hope at 4C’s is to 1. help mature believers to become disciples, 2. encourage others to take responsibility for their Christian growth, 3. encourage the Community of Faith to take responsibility for the growth of its people, and 4. create an environment where Christian formation is centered of the calling of Christ for growing deeper in Christ and further in His Kingdom mission.

Community Life Groups

At 4C’s, we believe it is of the utmost importance that each of us has a place to be known and to know others. No matter how long you have been in our community, if you are looking for a point of connection where you can grow personally and spiritually, consider joining a Community Life Group (CLG) this season.

For more information or questions, please contact Nathan Alley, the Director of Community Growth:

New! Calling all 18-25 year olds! FREE PIZZA! March 7, 12-1pm in the Big Room – 4Cs Church wants your input as a young adult!  We care about making 4Cs a place where young people love to be, and we want your help to make that a reality!  For more info. contact Claire.Teague@4Cs.Church or Brian.Kainz@4Cs.Church.

Community Life Group Leaders Resources

The Art of Neighboring: Perhaps your Community Life Group is interested in working through a study on reaching out to your neighborhood.

The Art of Neighboring video study will empower you and your group to learn how to hold conversations, face fears that many of us have in sharing our faith and understanding the role of hospitality as a witness for Christ.  Follow this link to RightNow Media to connect with the study. 


Small Group Study Notes: The sermon audio and study notes are archived and available on our “Messages” webpage. Click on the specific sermon date and the study download link is available underneath the audio box. For Sunday Sermon study notes, click here.


Growing as a Small Group Leader: The book Leading Small Groups with a Purpose is an excellent resource for anyone looking to facilitate a meaninful small groups. Copies of this book are available as a free resource to our Community Life Group leaders. Please connect with Nathan Alley if you would like a copy of this book.


Community Life Group Attendance: Attendance Response Form We ask leaders to complete this form as soon as possible after an event. The church does not maintain records on who attends, we only track total attendance.





Permanent Bible Studies and Prayer Opportunites



Wednesday Prayer—6:30 pm on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. We have resumed meeting at church. We are practicing social distancing and wearing masks.  Please join us when you feel ready. 

Quiet Morning Prayer – We would like to invite you to join us, in person, every Tuesday and Thursday morning, during the Lent season, for a time of quiet prayer in our Worship Center.  The Worship Center will be open between 6:00 – 6:45 am for anyone, to simply and silently pray for whatever is on your heart.  Enter the building from the south doors, take an instructional card and come inside, be still, in the presence of the Lord.  Please connect with Nathan Alley if you have any questions,

Neighborhood Prayer Walk— Watch here for updates.


Women’s Bible Study – Meets at the church on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am.  We are practicing social distancing and wearing masks.  Please join us when you feel ready.  Questions – Please contact the church office at 303-467-2020 x121.

Male Call Friday Mornings Friday mornings at 6am in the Fellowship Center (please enter through South doors). Regularly scheduled Zoom meetings happening on Thursday nights at 7 pm — let us know if you want to be given the call-in information Led by Pastor Dave.

The Whole Mission of the Church A 5 Week Bible Study  with Pastor Scott Parr
Sundays at 9:00 or 10:30 in the 4Cs Fellowship Center – February 28 through March 28
Come explore the scriptures as we dive into a deeper understanding of God’s mission and ours.  What is God’s mission in the world?  What are God’s purposes for us?   What does Jesus want of us?  What does a healthy, mission-minded church look like?  How can all of us, with our various gifts and passions, do our part in God’s mission in the world?  Not only will we study scripture, we’ll also look at real-life examples from our lives and from our mission partners, and talk about how to apply it all to our lives.
No registration necessary – just drop in!

Sunday Morning Bible Study — You are invited to take part in the Sunday morning Bible study Speaking Truth/Taking Action 2021.  We meet at 9:00 am in the “couch room.”  We often have Zoom calls set up so you may participate that way as well.  Or, feel free to just do the lessons at home on your own.  The focus will be on our individual assignments from God to speak God’s truth to those we meet, serve those in our individual spheres of influence through the love and light of Jesus Christ, and understand more fully the cost of discipleship.  We will study the Book of Acts, the book Jesus Freaks by Voice of the Martyrs about Christian martyrs throughout history, and two different workbooks from Forerunners of America.

Please contact Cindy Oury or the church office for info on ordering materials, and further information.  Calendars are available at the Info Center near Common Grounds, brochure rack in the south entry, or by clicking the button below.

For more information on Women’s Bible Studies, click here.