Letters to the Congregation

March 26, 2020 4Cs Updates with Pastor Dave 

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March 18, 2020

Dear Church Family,

I have two things for you to make please make note of:

First, we have recently put on pause various ‘gathering’ events in light of the COVID 19 circumstances and the hopes of participating in the containment of this virus. As noted in a previous email, the events on pause here at the church include:

  • Tonight’s Third Wednesday evening prayer,

  • Tonight’s High Point for the teens,

  • Friday morning’s Male Call

  • And all related ministries sponsored on this Sunday morning, March 22, including gathering for worship, children and youth programming.

Second, I want you all to know that we are hoping to release this Sunday a menu of ministry options for you that will continue to serve your spiritual needs. Many of these will be options that you can watch with those you love by accessing them from our website.

I am gratified that so many of you logged in to catch the sermon and worship last Sunday. Let me encourage you that we will once again be posting a video sermon and worship expression that we can enjoy together this Sunday morning about 8:30am. I am particularly hopeful that most of you will catch the sermon. I believe that I have God-offered words from Scripture from Christ’s journey to the cross that will feed our minds, hearts and souls in this troubled time.

We who are on the Staff and Council of 4Cs are responding in deep prayer and we recognize that for us to serve you well we must be clear in our communications and kind in our attitudes. Toward that end, I will say that it would not surprise me if we will need to postpone our gathering ministries past the end of March, but for now I invite you to prayer, to our website and Facebook page (simply click the link on our homepage) for timely communication.

Again I am deeply hopeful that our response will be one of light, life and love to our fearful world. Peace to you my friends and my prayers for your steadfastness in Christ are deep and wide!

Pastor Dave

March 13, 2020

Dear Church Family,

As you know the Covid-19 dynamic is a very fluid phenomenon. Only two days ago I sent out an all church mail and email stating that our church services would go on as planned this week. That has changed. I have, after much prayer and conversation, made the decision to close our church services for this week and the next, March 15th and 22nd 

This decision is built on the civic directives of our Governor and on the Public School’s response and to respond with Christ’s love for our church and community. It is not a decision out of fear but out of our desire is to participate well in the containment of this virus.

To be clear, this closing will also include other large group gatherings:

  • Youth functions of Fusion and Highpoint for the next two weeks,

  • The next two Tuesday morning women studies and Male Call events,

  • Tuesday’s Together/KCCC and KICK ministries on Tuesdays March 17th and 31st

  • This Sunday’s Easter Choir practice.


Some smaller gatherings might continue – please watch for email and website announcements on these.

Staff will be to continue to do their work, but may also be working more from home. You can expect office hours to be disrupted. Our endeavors will go on as we continue to minister to each other and to also find even more ways to reach out to our distressed community.

I am preparing a sermon that will be available for download on Sunday or soon after to speak into these issues with truth and love. Throughout church history, it has been the loving response of the church during desperate times that have inspired faith and prepared the way for spiritual revival. I see an opportunity for 4Cs to respond with hope, bravery, sacrifice and deep love that will honor our Savior and bring glory to our Father who is in Heaven.

We are not retreating! We believe there will be fresh, person-centered outreach opportunities.  Our building may close for a couple of weeks, but it underscores that true Kingdom ministry happens outside our doors!

You may call or text me personally if you would like to discuss this with me. Or you may fill out the response form below.

Your Pastor and friend,


PS: PLEASE use your sources of social media, small group connections and personal calls to communicate this to your church friends and please call those you think may not have access to our all church emails or various social media sources.


Call: 303.467.2020

Email: family@4Cs.Church

We will still have an office presence during this period. 

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