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You can raise money today towards future 4Cs events –  mission trips, retreats, fundraisers for youth events and general giving through your everyday shopping. 

Join us in this new program that we are already seeing a quick return on a few minutes of your time.

Click on ShopWithScrip button below to read more about the program and to enroll.


King Soopers Community Rewards Program – Link your Loyalty Card to 4Cs TODAY!

You will be Supporting 4Cs every time you scan your Loyalty Card or enter the phone number connected to your Loyalty Card when you check out! AND Earn Scrip funds toward your family’s own account at 4Cs!  At the end of each quarter (March, June, September, December) or a couple days after log into your King Soopers account and take a screen shot of your Community Rewards page showing your contribution and Email to  We will add that amount to your scrip account to use for 4Cs events, trips, or even just use it for additional giving.  If you need help with any part of the process contact Joanne Thoutt (x121).  She will be happy to help!  There are printed instructions at the info table downstairs and the brochure rack upstairs located outside the Worship Center. 

Click on the button below “How to link your King Soopers Loyalty Card to 4Cs” for more information and how to access your Community Rewards total.



Safeway Scrip Cards are available on Sunday mornings (find Joanne or Donni to make your purchase) and during the week in the front office during regular business hours. They come loaded with $10 and you receive 5% back into your scrip account for every dollar you load on to your card at the store. Gift cards can be used for all your grocery and gas needs. The money you earn in your 4Cs scrip account can be used towards any 4Cs events/activities you or your family participates in or can be donated back to 4Cs towards benevolence, missions, or the general fund for anyone to use. Don’t miss out on this very real, very easy financial opportunity. Bring $10 or your checkbook to get your card.