We aspire to be…

  • Stone One: A family church – Supporting and encouraging families, marriages and singles, and helping all people find intimacy and belonging in a believing community. Want to know more about our family ministry opportunities? Click here.
  • Stone Two: A multiplying church – Building relationships with the undecided that result in a loving, persuasive proclamation of the Gospel in word and deed, in Spirit and in Truth.
  • Stone Three: A teaching church – Engaging believers to enter a life long apprenticeship of Jesus, being discipled into a deep, abiding relationship with Christ.
  • Stone Four: A community minded church – Finding your place of Kingdom service and making a difference in our neighborhoods. Want to get involved in missions and service? Click here.
  • Stone Five: A celebrating church – Encouraging and offering transformational encounters with the One True God! Instilling a heart of worship and prayer that is both corporate and personal.
In thinking about how we as a church seek to go about fulfilling this mission, we look to the Old Testament and remember the story of David and Goliath. David was only a young shepherd boy, and when he set out to face the giant, Goliath, he chose not to wear the heavy armor that was offered to him. Instead, he trusted that God had gifted him and he armed himself only with five smooth stones out of a river.

In the same manner that David was faithful to God in his time, we at Christ Community Covenant Church seek to be faithful to God in our own generation. We too want to use our God given gifts, follow our passions and utilize the natural skill that God has provided through our congregation. We desire to be all that Christ has made us to be! We desire to pursue Jesus and His priorities in this world.

With this goal in mind, 4Cs has chosen our “five smooth stones” – distinctive values that help us sharpen our focus and fulfill our mission. These “stones” represent our foundations on which we establish our church priorities. Like David did in the Old Testament, we too are arming ourselves with these gifts and values.