4Cs Baptism Inquirer’s Class and Luncheon – March 26

We are excited to announce a Baptism service on April 16. All are welcome to join us in the celebration of this holy sacrament! If you would like to be baptized on April 16 or learn more about baptism, Please RSVP on your connection card for a 1-hour Baptism Inquirers class and luncheon on March 26. 

Baptism is a holy sacrament that we greatly celebrate at 4Cs!  When we are baptized we enter into the Church as a transformed and transforming child of God.  If you know that you are a follower of Jesus Christ but have never been baptized, please consider taking our Baptism Inquirer’s Class.

Please call the church office (x128) for more information.  If you have not been through a Baptism Inquirer’s Class, we can set you up with a meeting with one of our pastors.  

If you have questions about baptism, please contact Pastor Nathan Alley.